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Midwest Innocence Project
605 West 47th Street, Suite 222
Kansas City, MO 64112

To Submit a Case:  

Please have the inmate complete and return our questionnaire (available below.)
All cases must submitted by the prisoner requesting help.  All requests must be in writing and sent by postal mail to the address above. 
We ONLY accept cases where:
1. The applicant is claiming actual innocence, in other words, that he/she did not participate in the crime.
2. The applicant was convicted in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, or Arkansas.
3. The applicant has more than ten years left to serve on his/her sentence and/or the applicant must register as a sex offender.
4. The applicant is not currently represented by an attorney.
5. The applicant has NOT received the death penalty.
NOTE: We do NOT accept cases of self-defense.

Press Contact:

Journalists and individuals from the media who wish to contact the Midwest Innocence Project should contact us at (816) 221-2166; your call will be directed to the appropriate person.